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Stationary Welding Column and Boom, Welding Manipulator

Stationary Welding Column and Boom, Welding Manipulator

Welding column and boom is composed of column, welding arm, elevating mechanism, boom expansion mechanism, cross trimming, and electric.

Welding manipulator is composed of column, welding arm, elevating mechanism, boom expansion mechanism, cross trimming, and electrical box. It can satisfy multidirectional welding requirements. The elevating of welding arm adopted the way of worm gear transmission and chain drive elevating, its speed changed by converter which has stable transmission and slow and stable speed change. Cross trimming mechanism is used to adjust the deviation between wire and workpiece. The electrical control box is used to control power on/off, elevating and expansion of boom. In order to be more convenient, theres also a remote control box which have boom speed adjust potentiometer, boom elevating and expansion switch. And the control box of welder can install on electrical control box, on the panel have welding current meter, voltage meter, voltage potentiometer, current potentiometer, feeding, back, button, welding start and stop.

This welding center can use the control method of triplicates. The submerged arc welding, welding rotator and welding manipulator gang control, the manual control box can remote control to operating.

Standard column and boom welding manipulators size, other custom column booms can be customized.

Vertical Expansion Horizontal Expansion
   (m) (feet)    (m) (feet)
WM 1515     1.5 5.0     1.5 5.0
WM 2020     2.0 5.56     2.0 6.56
WM 3030     3.0 10     3.0 10
WM 4040     4.0 13.12     4.0 13.12
WM 5050     5.0 16.40     5.0 16.40
WM 6060     6.0 20     6.0 20
WM 7060     7.0 23.0     6.0 20
WM 8060     8.0 26.24     6.0 20

Standard package includes

  •  Wide variety of welding tables
  •  Welding Manipulator and traveling cart
  •   Remote control box adjust:
  •  Vertical and horizontal boom movement; Trolley motion
  •  Operation manual
  •  One year warranty


  •  Flux recovery unit
  •  Electric welding head cross slide
  •  Trolley cable organizer
  •  Rail track for trolley
  •  Variable speed on traveling cart from 0.12 up to 1.20 m/minute
  •  Work platform and operator’s seat only in WM 5050 and larger

Products supply range and component elements

A. Frame assembly: Column, elevating mechanism, boom expansion mechanism, cross trimming, ladder.
B. Electrical control system: Electrical box, digital display device, converter, manual control operation box and its accessories
C. Spare parts: Three 2A melt cores and one piece of documentation
D. Welding flux retrieval system, one welding machine, operator seat

Technical document

A. Operation instruction (including electrical principle drawing)
B. Certification, packing list, foundation drawing of the machine.

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